Lessons in Bulgarian: Committed To Helping My Students Succeed

Bulgarian Is Difficult, But My Approach Makes Learning It Easier

An Enthusiastic Native Speaker Who Loves Giving Lessons in Bulgarian

I love interacting with foreign cultures and people. I seek and appreciate what is different. This helps me expand my horizons. What this means is teaching Bulgarian is not a job for me; it is not an obligation where I keep looking at the time until my shift is up. On the contrary, time flies while I teach or translate.

This is not my major profession and yet I created this website for offering classes in Bulgarian. The reason is helping people learn gives me pleasure. I love seeing someone start learning something from scratch. I love monitoring their progress and, as they keep putting in the consistent effort, I like to reflect with them how far they have come and how difficult and challenging their journey looked at the start.


Lessons in Bulgarian

Translation and Legalisation in Ruse, Bulgaria

Online lessons in Bulgarian by a native speaker.

Study at your own pace.

If you are in the Ruse area, contact me and we could arrange for you to have them in person.

Translation and legalization of documents in Ruse. The document must be in English either as a primary or secondary language.

For example, the multilingual extracts from civil status records aka Form A, Form B, or Form C.

Why Choose My Lessons in Bulgarian

Lessons in Bulgarian


I was brought up with the saying "A man is only as good as his word." My word is my law. Once I give it, I keep the commitment I have made. If more people owned up to their words and actions, human civilisation would not be in this situation today.

Lessons in Bulgarian - why choose me

Great Interpersonal Skills

I have so far taught Bulgarian to people from 3 continents, with different cultures and characters. English was not the native language for some of them. Yet we got along very well and they studied their lessons in Bulgarian smoothly.

Lessons in Bulgarian - flexible approach

Flexibile Approach

I am a demanding person and tutor. Having said that, I would not sacrifice effectiveness in learning Bulgarian to a rigid system, if I see the student is struggling with it. I have taught classes in Bulgarian by combining different textbooks so that my students can get the most for their time and money. I have also taught individual lessons in Bulgarian from 80 minutes to 180 minutes, depending on the student's wish and their ability to absorb the material without information overload.

Testimonials from Some of My Students

'Alex is a committed Bulgarian language teacher who was happy to adjust to my pace of learning and where he also introduced learning material outside of the prescribed course which made tuition periods that more interesting and fun. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex'.
Paul Matham
Republic of South Africa
" Alex helped me to understand the Bulgarian language and sounds which enabled me to have the confidence to interact with Bulgarian people. I would recommend Alex to anyone who wants to speak or read Bulgarian "
Steve Lyall
“I really enjoyed the lessons with Alex. Because of my job I needed flexibility and a personal trajectory for learning Bulgarian. The lessons are pleasant and really helping me forward”.
John Schouten